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TOAKS Titanium Pot (650ml)

TOAKS Titanium Pot (650ml)

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TOAKS 650 ml pot is made of 0.3 mm thin wall titanium, weighing in just 2.8oz (80 g), complete with Toaks’ signature lockable-handled lid and gradations in oz and ml. The 650 ml boils 2.75 cups of water—great for solo ultralight backpackers. The pot can contain a 110g fuel canister, a 450 ml cup, or your typical 1-L Nalgene bottle without lid covered (and more below).

TOAKS products do not have any coating.

Ultralight 650ml pot can be nested with:
Fit inside: CUP-375/450, STV-12 (without lid covered), 110g fuel canister
Fit outside: BWL-550-D103, POT-900-D115, POT-1100, POT-1100-BH and CKW-1100
Fit other containers: 32oz Nalgene, 38oz Nalgene stainless, 42oz Klean Kanteen

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