Whats in it for us?

Our team is tiny, seriously very very small- so we need your help. We have grown tremendously in our two years of business and are pumped to keep that momentum going through 2024. SO we're looking for folks like you to help spread the hype, tell our story, share a meal or 5 with friends on your next adventure, and to provide product feedback. Bonus if you can snag a photo or video while in the process.

  • Use Farm To Summit products (duh)! It all starts here. Were not talking exclusivity.. but you know- eat the meals, drink the lattes. Enjoy your free stuff.
  • Share your stoke. Whether you're an epic mountaineer or busy office worker we want you talking about us. We are a grassroots driven organization and 'word-of mouth' is everything for us!
  • Tell your stories. Send us photos or video content to share on our social media (we will of course credit you appropriately) and/or share on your social media accounts. We want to see how your using F2S. It's these shared stories that bind our community together, and were excited to grow this community with your help!
  • Provide product feedback. Let us know what you think and be the first to try our newest products!
  • Rock the swag. Make your new F2S hat or shirt your new favorite and slap those stickers all over your favorite waterbottle or cargo rack.

Whats in it for you?

  • Farm To Summit products. We will send you a a selection of meals/lattes of our choosing, some sweet swag, and a discount code to share with your community. When you need to re-up, you let us know.
  • Taste testing. We know you want to be the first to taste our most recent offerings, right? Joining our ambassador team means joining our TEAM, and we value your opinion.


Ready to join our small but mighty team? Email louise@farmtosummit.com with the information below. Please note, you MUST have a US mailing address to join this program.

  1. Name?
  2. Social media handle(s)?
  3. City and State of mailing address? Must be based in US.
  4. Are you interested in being an ambassador for meals, lattes, or both?
  5. How do you or will you use Farm To Summit?
  6. How did you hear about Farm to Summit and what made you try it?
  7. Are you skilled in photography and/or videography?
  8. What do you do to relax and/or have fun?
  9. If you were selected to be a F2S ambassador how would you represent our mission and brand?
  10. Are you willing to share photo, video, and/or blog content in exchange for product?