ALL of our packaging is Omnidegradable® and/or compostable

We are proud to say that our packaging is the most sustainable custom packaging of ANY dehydrated meal company (Yee-Haw!)


    So you’ve heard of biodegradable, compostable, and of course recyclable but what the heck is this omni – degradable? To put it simply, Omnidegradable means that the packaging will break down in any environment where microbes are present.. even a landfill.


    1. Backyard compost
    2. Burn in contained fire
    3. Trash - even in a completely anerobic landfill they will break down into organic matter in 1-5 years
    4. Recycle - when stripped to single layers

Why Omnidegradable® ?

We put A LOT of research into our packaging. We (like many of our customers) live and recreate in a small mountain town- where access to municipal compost facilities is limited. Without access to these costly facilities, most 'compostable' plastics become trash- sitting in landfills for years and even decades. We didn't like that. While our pouches can not be composted in all municipal compost facilities due to longer composting times (check with your local facility before composting) they are consumer compostable AND will break down even in an entirely anaerobic landfill environment.

We think that is pretty awesome.

Please visit the links above for details about specific packaging components. We ONLY work with companies that have lab testing to back their claims.

  • The Nitty Gritty

    How does it work? Our Omnidegradable® pouches breakdown thanks to an additive blend of organic compounds, which in the presence of microbes, creates an enzyme that breaks down the long-chain molecules of the plastic. This allows the microbes to then consume the plastic. These bags are FDA compliant and comply with ASTM standards for biodegradability.